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Glenhaven Home & Holiday

One-of-a-kind global buying experience!

Vietnam Trip Glenhaven Home & Garden
Vietnam Trip Glenhaven Home & Garden
Bali Amphitheatre by Glenhaven Home & Garden
Buying trip hotel room by Glenhaven Home & Garden
Villa pool by Glenhaven Home & Garden
Wall of China Glenhaven Home & Garden
Great wall of China Glenhaven Home & Garden
Hong Kong City Scape Glenhaven Home & Garden
Hong Kong Hotel Room - Glenhaven Home & Garden
Buying trip group by Glenhaven Home & Garden
Taj Mahal - Glenhaven Home & Garden
India Buying trip - Glenhaven Home & Garden


Our top concern is always the safety and well-being of our customers, employees, and their families. In light of current global health concerns, we are not currently booking buying trips. Our offices in the USA and Asia remain open and we are accepting orders online and via email for the Spring & Garden seasons.

We’re keeping a close eye and ear on travel recommendations from the CDC, airlines and various governments to determine when our next buying trip will be. We’ll keep you updated on our plans and hope to be back on the road again soon.


PENDING Garden 2023 Season Buying Trip

  • February-March 2022 Time Frame
    Pending COVID-19 Pandemic Situation/Resolution

Interested in arranging a private trip? Contact us.


How has COVID-19 affected the buying trips?

Our top concern is the safety and well-being of all garden center and Christmas store employees, families and customers. For this reason, we are currently not booking any buying trips. However, our offices in the USA and Asia remain open and we are accepting orders online and via email for the Spring & Garden 2021 season.

Do I have to travel overseas in order to buy from Glenhaven?

No. You are able to purchase our products and take advantage of our direct import pricing from the comfort of your store or home office. This buying option is always available, no matter the season. When it is safe to do so, we encourage all of our customers to consider joining a buying trip to take advantage of our lowest cost tier of factory direct pricing (and see some incredible sights while connecting with each other), but it’s not a requirement. Contact us at to inquire about our current buying options.

Are there order minimums?

The typical minimum order for Glenhaven customers is $10,000. If you have questions about our minimum order requirements please contact us.

Who goes on buying trips?

Buyers and owners for independent garden centers and specialty retailers; guests are welcome, too!

How long are buying trips?

Buying trips typically range from ten to fourteen days, sometimes with optional extensions if your schedule allows.

How big is the buying trip group?

Travel groups range from 6 to 12 people. Buyers are encouraged and able to create private groups of trusted peers and professionals to help facilitate a collaborative, confidential and fun buying trip experience. Buyers can also elect to join our open groups.

How much does the buying trip cost?

The travel costs vary depending on the duration of the trip and number of destinations and countries scheduled on your respective itinerary. Christmas buying tours range from $3,000 – $5,000. Garden & Spring buying tours range from $4,000 – $6,000. Please note that we always stay in 5-star hotels to ensure that we are safe and comfortable.

What’s included in the buying trip?

Glenhaven arranges and provides all ground transportation for supplier meetings. Any meal that is provided by a supplier is free of charge as well. Glenhaven schedules and determines all flights, hotels, airport transfers, trains and ground transportation arrangements required on the trip.

What isn’t included in the buying trip?

All travel costs such as airfare, hotels, train tickets, breakfasts, evening meals and alcoholic beverages are the responsibility of the customer. Glenhaven selects the flights and hotels for the entire itinerary and we have a nominated travel agent to help you make your reservations and bookings.

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