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Your Direct Import Solution

It’s tough to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. Trust us, we know! That’s why Glenhaven Home & Holiday™ has your back! We only sell to independent garden centers and growers. Our products are very high quality, and our factory direct pricing is compelling, even after factoring in the overseas shipping charges.

In our Glenhaven Home & Garden line, we offer professional nursery grower supplies perfect for the independent greenhouse grower and nursery. Our Growers Collection includes pots, containers, flats and inserts, stakes, hanging baskets, planters and liners made from a wide variety of materials including natural coco-husk, fiber, rattan, wicker, and PE and blow-molded plastic.

In addition, we offer a wide selection of decorative containers that are tough enough for your production line and beautiful enough to showcase your plantings. Our broad range of decorative pots, planters and urns are made from a wide variety of materials including pottery, cement, wood, fiber clay and plastic.

GlenHaven Grower Supplies Wire Basket
GlenHaven Grower Supplies Wire Basket
Glenhaven Grower Supplies Plastic Hanging Basket
Plastic Growing Pots & Trays
Plastic Growing Pots
Plastic Grower Pots
Plastic Grower Pots
Green Hanging Flower Baskets
Plastic Hanging Flower Baskets
Coco Liners
Hanging Coco Lined Baskets

Top Grower Supplies

  • Coco Fiber Hanging Baskets, Wall Planters, Patio Planters & Liners
  • Coco Fiber & Moss Sticks & Seedling Pots
  • Plant Stakes
  • Square and Round PE & Blow-Molded Containers
  • Trays & Flats
  • Plastic Rattan Baskets & Planters
  • Natural Rattan Baskets & Planters
  • Plastic Hanging Baskets
  • Indoor & Outdoor Decorative Containers
  • Garden Hardware & Support Systems


Glenhaven Home & Holiday has everything you need to adorn your live spruce tips and greenery arrangements. Our pots and planters, hanging baskets, waterproof berries, pinecones, LED lighted twig branches, poinsettia and magnolia faux floral stems, willow branches, grass stems, shatterproof ornaments and wired ribbons add the finishing touches!

Top Decorative Accents for Live Holiday Greenery

  • Pots and Planters
  • Waterproof Berries
  • Plastic and Natural Pinecones
  • LED Lighted Twigs
  • Shatterproof Ornaments & Finials
  • Faux Poinsettia & Magnolia Floral Stems
  • Faux Leave Stems
  • Twig Branches & Grass Stems
  • Wired Ribbon
Plastic Red & Blue Berries
Plastic Red & Blue Berries
Plastic Red Berries
Pine Cones for Baskets
Pine Cones and Red Berries
Frosted Red Berries
Faux Florals
Red Berries & Faux Greens
Faux Greens, Red Berries, Pine Cones

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